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Hoi Holland!

Hoi Holland!

  • Hoi Holland!
  • Learning/language/social
  • Free
  • Android, iOS

Even though the average Dutch person speaks a fair bit of English, it is handy for foreign students to know a few basic Dutch sentences. Hoi Holland! may help you with that. In a playful way, the app lets users practice short conversations in Dutch. At the first level, you have just arrived at the airport. Your new friend Tim is waiting for you. “Hoe was je reis?” he asks. You are then given a number of Dutch sentences – after you have listened to a conversation as an example – and you have to choose which answer fits Tim’s question best. In the next exercise, you have to recognise words such as ‘auto’ and ‘bus’.

If you complete all levels, you will have collected letters that can be used to decode a message. Apart from language, the app also teaches students a little about Dutch culture and history. Who was Willem van Oranje? And how do you start a conversation at a Dutch birthday party?



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