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A butterfly house in the garden at the Faculty of Law

A butterfly house in the garden at the Faculty of Law

Photographer:Fotograaf: Studium Generale

PAS: Parcours of Art and Science

Have you ever heard of the Maastricht Quartier Latin? It is located in the area of the Bouillonstraat, Tongersestraat, Minderbroedersberg, Zwingelput and all the way up to the Tapijn barracks. On Saturday, 12 September, this area will be the beating heart of lectures about scientific research, for theatre, music, dance, film and visual arts. It is known as Parcours of Art and Science, or PAS. “A kind of tasting for science and art,” says Jacques Reiners, head of the organising body Studium Generale.

Do I Feel What You Feel, Lighting up Aggression, Turing, Machines and the Imitation Game, How do we Perform Under Stress. This is a selection from the almost forty lectures (29 in Dutch, ten in English) on the programme. “We want as many people as possible to become acquainted with the results of scientific research,” says Jacques Reiners, head of Studium Generale who is organising PAS for the second time. Just like last year, it will (literally) be on the eve of the Maastricht uitmarkt ‘Het Parcours’, the fair during which the cultural attractions for the coming year are advertised. “Every year, there are numerous topics that we cannot include in our programme: these are often too small to fill an evening. But they lend themselves perfectly for a festival with half-hour lectures.”

Reiners:  “PAS will take place in the ‘Quartier Latin’, the district that not only houses the university but also the academy of music, academy of drama, the Jan van Eijck, et cetera. We also want to show what our neighbours are up to.” There are a total of seventy activities. So there are also numerous music performances, not just by the students from the academy of music but by the university orchestra and choir. In addition there will be an abundance of world music, from Ghana, Latin America, but also from the Armenian/Turkish duo Vardan Hovaissian and Emre Gültekin. Reiners: “Our programme also refers to current affairs, such as the commemoration of the Armenian genocide, now one hundred years ago, the commemoration of the closing of the coal mines in Limburg, which is now fifty years ago.”

Art touches science in some performances and the other way around too. Like in the dance performance On and off control. This is inspired by Parkinson’s disease, caused by a substance that disrupts, interferes with, convulses and distorts one’s motor skills. Choreographer Else van der Heijden created a dance about the faltering body.

The students from the international art school iArts (Interdisciplinary Arts) are used to linking science, art and culture. At the Faculty of Law on the Bouillonstraat, they will show you their view on the theme of Enlightening Experience. Botanist and artist Stefan Cools also finds himself at the interface of science and art. He is carrying out research on butterflies but specifically on the substance they secrete when they have just come out of the pupa: meconium. His butterfly house can be seen in the garden at the Faculty of Law.



PAS (Parcours of Art and Science) will take place in the Maastricht Quartier Latin (area including the Bouillonstraat, Tongersestraat, Minderbroedersberg, Zwingelput all the way up to the Tapijn barracks). Date and time: Saturday, 12 September from 19:00-02:00hrs. Entrance: free

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Anyone looking to eat either beforehand or in between can have a bite at Tribunal, Au Coin des Bons Enfants or the Tapijn barracks at a special festival rate.



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