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Watching series

Watching series

Photographer:Fotograaf: Loraine Bodewes

Dear Ingrid

Ruth (23): “I love watching series. Homeland, Breaking Bad, Lost, I have seen them all. Sometimes I even watch several episodes in one evening, because I just can’t stop. Do I have a problem?

Ingrid: Watching series is popular. I notice that at my work, where they often talk about the umpteenth episode of the so-manieth season of a series that you simply must see. This is an attraction that I have experienced myself. For weeks on end, the brothers Michael Scofield and Lincoln Burrows from Prison Break were my best friends. I spent many an evening with them knowing that the time would come when we had to part. I was not looking forward to that. It was so exciting with the brothers.

I had a parasocial relationship with the two men. That fake relationship is one of the reasons why we are watching series on such a massive scale. You are involved in someone else’s goings on, but then only when you are in the mood. The many cliffhangers also ensure that we remain glued to the television. Is that a problem? Not necessarily. As long as watching is not constantly at the expense of sleep or studying, then it’s fine. Don’t worry if you watch just one more episode once in a while, when you had intended to go to bed. It is only a problem when important things are set aside and parasocial relationships are the only ‘contacts’ you have. How is that in your case, Ruth?

For me Prison Break didn’t have a successor. Nobody was capable of taking Scofield and Burrows’ place. Still, I am open to a new parasocial relationship. I can use a little entertainment and distraction from time to time. Does anyone have a tip for a blind date?


Ingrid Candel



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