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Exhibition Keurkinderen

The first Reichschulen (Third Reich schools) that opened in Germany in January 1933 to educate Germany's future elite served as a present for Hitler's first birthday as Chancellor. During the war, similar schools were founded in the Netherlands. Centre Ceramique will display the exhibition Keurkinderen ('approved' children) about two Dutch Reichschulen that were located relatively close to Maastricht.

The exhibition shows pictures of the all-boys school in Valkenburg aan de Geul and the all-girls school in Heythuysen. Some of these photos have never been revealed to the public before. The stories behind them are elaborated in the book Keurkinderen by the Dutch journalist Paul van der Steen. His book, which is also on display at the exhibition, describes the two years of high school that children experienced in the schools: the harsh rules, the high expectations, the big promises. It also depicts what happened to them after liberation and the immediate closure of these educational institutions.

The exhibition period falls at the time of year when the Dutch give special thought to the Second World War. While on 4 May all its victims are remembered, 5 May is to celebrate its end. For more information, visit


Marie Zwetsloot

  • What: exhibition Keurkinderen
  • Where: Centre Ceramique
  • When: Saturday 11 April-Thursday 7 May
  • Admission: free


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