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Online economics lectures

From May onwards, all lecturers at the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration will be able to record their lectures and make them available on the Internet. That is, if they teach in the main lecture hall. Equipment has been installed there, which – in combination with a headset – can not only record the lectures but also immediately pass them on to Eleum. Students can then watch the lectures at home. The Faculty of Law is thinking about hiring the hall for recordings.
A three-months trial at the marketing department showed that almost all the students watched the videos at home and benefited in some way or another, according to faculty ICT innovation manager Gwen Noteborn. “Some use it as reference material, but Masters Students from another faculty or university, who have never been to certain lectures, can catch up in this way. The recordings are also useful for those who are thinking about doing a Masters in Maastricht.”
Lecturers can also see the advantages. With the prospect of evening classes looming, they would not need to tell the same story twice in a day; they could just send an Internet link to the evening students.
Is this not an invitation for regular students to remain in bed in the morning, because the images are on the Internet anyway? “The primary objective of the videos is that they serve as a supplement to the existing programme, not a replacement. I have no fear that students might stay away, if only for the fact that a lecture is also a social event.”
The Faculty of Economics wants to purchase a second set of equipment for in the auditorium (at approximately twenty thousand euros). “But we first need to make some agreements about certain issues, says Paul Hick, head of automation. “Imagine that a manager sees the recordings and misuses them in an assessment interview. What then?”


Maurice Timmermans



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