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Out of order, long queues, too expensive

Out of order, long queues, too expensive

Photographer:Fotograaf: Photo: Studium Generale

Student Satisfaction Survey 2008/09

One wonders how students will look back on the MUSL problems in upcoming surveys, when last year alone one out of four students was dissatisfied with timetables, group compositions and the announcement of study and test results. These are some of the results of the Student Satisfaction Survey recently carried out by Flycatcher.

The annual Student Satisfaction Survey, in which more than 2000 respondents took part, was held in June and covers the academic year 2008/09. “The monitor is used as a thermometer of the organisation”, the report says.

In particular, almost one third of students at the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences are unhappy about the announcement of study results and about enrolments and deadlines (for study, tests and resits). Most annoying, however, are the ‘copying, printing and scanning facilities’; half of the respondents see these as inadequate because they are too often out of order, have long queues, are too expensive, and so on.

Students at the School of Business and Economics are very critical about the internship abroad; four out of ten students describe themselves as ‘dissatisfied’. The information that the faculty provides, they say, is too scarce. At the Faculty of Humanities and Sciences, even more students criticise the lack of information. The same holds in general for the double-degree programmes. As one student puts it: “I couldn’t find anything about it.”

UM students are most positive about the ‘buildings and locations’ like lecture halls, tutorial group rooms and relaxation areas – but not the test locations. Also, as in the preceding year, the ‘additional facilities’ like Studium Generale, UM Sports and student clubs are welcomed with praise – unlike the Language Centre, of which one of five students is critical. In short: the courses are of good quality, but far too expensive.


Maurice Timmermans



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