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First prize for eight Maastricht programmes

First prize for eight Maastricht programmes

Photographer:Fotograaf: Ruben Joye

Three gold, six silver and three bronze. These are part of Maastricht’s harvest from the latest survey by Elsevier, which is out on the newsstands today. In total, the quality of 12 bachelor’s programmes at Maastricht University was assessed by students. The results show Rotterdam to be a big competitor.

This year, Elsevier has again carried out a survey of thousands of students, professors and senior lecturers. Exactly 48 programmes were help up for examination, 11 of which are also on offer at UM. The most important question: which is the best of its kind?

The professors assessed the quality of the bachelor’s programmes, the offer of master’s programmes, and the quality of the lecturers and their academic publications. As a rule, they come to different verdicts than the students, who give points for facilities, schedules, the feasibility of the first year, the efforts of their lecturers, and so forth. In this way, UM’s Health Sciences programme has been lauded as the best of its kind by the professors, while the students gave their preference to Rotterdam. Maastricht came in second place for them. In the eyes of the staff members – who, in contrast to the students, have a basis for comparison – the university as a whole wound up in third and last place in the category for ‘specialised’ universities. Tilburg came in first, Rotterdam second.

According to the students, UM’s bachelor’s programmes score between 7.1 (Fiscal Law) and 8.0 (University College). The differences between these and the bachelor’s programmes of the other institutions are minimal; essentially a matter of tenths. Thus, International Business at Maastricht received a mark of 7.7, while frontrunner Rotterdam ended up with a 7.8.

The biggest rival to UM’s bachelor’s programmes, then, appears to be Erasmus University. In three cases (for IB, Health Sciences and Psychology), the Rotterdammers managed to elbow UM off the winner’s podium.

Elsevier devotes a separate section to the three university colleges in the Netherlands. According to the weekly, “The students are throwing about 8s and 9s – they are well satisfied.” Utrecht received the highest praise (8.4), followed by the Roosevelt Academy in Middelburg (8.3) and then Maastricht (8.0). UCM particularly loses points to the competition in terms of the ‘timely announcement of exam results’, internship opportunities, verbal skills and the feasibility of the programme as a whole.

When it comes to master’s programmes, UM is doing well: of the seven master’s degrees assessed, five wound up in first place (Dutch Law, International Business, public administration, history and the research master Health Care) and two in second (Psychology, Health Sciences). The marks are generally somewhat higher than those for the bachelor’s programmes: between 7.5 and 8.2.


Riki Janssen



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