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Questions about drugs in university library

Are students taking drugs in the university library? This question was asked in the latest university council meeting. “Rumours have reached us from various corners about students taking drugs in the university library,” says Willemijn de Nooij, who asked the question as council member for DOPE. “We want this to be investigated. Rector Gerard Mols has promised to look into it.” In the meantime, Mols has had a discussion with Marianne de Ruwe, deputy director of the library. De Ruwe: “I have never heard anything of the kind. There have never been any incidents with students walking around the library stoned. I certainly would have known, because I was building manager for years, so it would have been brought to my attention first.”

In addition, there was a question in the university council meeting by Huub Odekerken about an employee who had pricked himself on a needle, also in the university library. “Someone did indeed prick themselves, but it was an insulin needle,” says De Ruwe. “He had found the hypodermic syringe and put it away safely in a cupboard. When he wanted to show the syringe to someone else, he pricked himself. Of course it is not right to put something like that in a locked space, but the fact that we do not know how to deal with this actually indicates how little it happens. We are now going to investigate how we should handle such situations.”


Cleo Freriks



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