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Rugby team gets promoted without playing

Rugby team gets promoted without playing

Photographer:Fotograaf: Loraine Bodewes Fotografie

Maastricht’s rugby association, the Maraboes, were supposed to play for their promotion from the fourth to the third division last Sunday. But the game was cancelled when the opposition, a team from Rotterdam, did not show up. This was good for the Maraboes, because it meant they could be promoted without actually having to step onto the field. From an athletic point of view it is a pity because they were in fact well prepared – but the upside is that it didn’t matter that the team had no shirts. The new shirts that they had ordered had not been delivered due to the volcano dust cloud that still hasn’t cleared.

Despite all this, the festive atmosphere at the Sportspark still prevailed, and it gave International Business student and rugby player Valentin Ciocan the time to explain a bit more about the sport. “It’s a hooligan’s sport, played by gentlemen”, he says. “A game consists of two halves, each lasting 40 minutes – but the most important thing is the third half.” (The third half is the after party.)

Surprisingly, bad weather is good for rugby, because falling down on the grass hurts less when it is wet and soaked. Given this, the weather on Sunday was absolutely inappropriate for a rugby match. So after a friendly game among themselves, the team enjoyed a beer and a nice barbecue in the sunshine.


Jessica Bucher



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