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Students concerned about elections

Student members of the university council are very concerned about the possible consequences of the ill-functioning MUSL system for the upcoming elections. They fear that students who are not registered, through no fault of their own, will not be able to vote. The university's Central Polling Committee, however, says that everything is being done to prevent this from happening.

Frederike Kaltheuner (Novum member of the university council): “It took a lot of effort for our own candidates for council membership to register; it took a week before they had managed. By the way, voting via the website is very complicated, you need someone there beside you giving instructions.”

Kaltheuner feels that the UM pays too little attention to the matter. “Dope and NovUM will now send a letter to the Executive Board.”

Acting chairman of the Central Polling Committee, professor Hans van Mierlo, said that it will not be his fault if problems arise later: “We have been trying to draw the attention of the Executive Board for a year now, in particular since the problems with MUSL, and I really hope that something will be done at last. We, as the Central Polling Committee will definitely keep a close eye on things. If we discover that groups of students are not registered in the voters' list, we will put that right. This was done recently for the Saudi medical students.”

He does not agree with the view held by Kaltheuner and her friends that the voting office is understaffed: “But it is true that because of the problems with MUSL, many sections within the UM are overburdened, which is also the case with us. Under those conditions, one does indeed need more people to do the job well.”



Wammes Bos



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