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“Make love, not war”

“Make love, not war”

Photographer:Fotograaf: Archief Observant

The Drama Committee of the study association for European Studies, Concordantia, this week presented the ancient Greek comedy Lysistrata, written by Aristophanes three times. The show, which is organised, acted and directed by students, tells the story of a woman, Lysistrata, desperately seeking to end the war between Athens and Sparta. She convinces all women in both cities to stop having sex with their men until they agree to peace.
The play is being performed in the wonderful and small theatre “’t Magisch Theatertje”, just outside Maastricht. “We found it via Google, after we discovered that theatres in the city centre were too expensive”, explains Julia Dylla, director of the show. The committee spent a full year preparing the play, but the last days were the most hectic. “We practically lived here”, says Lukas Jochum, second-year student of European Studies who plays the role of Magistrate. “Initially, we were busy choosing the play. We choose Lysistrata because it is a comedy and there are a lot of different parts to cast.” Almost all the actors are students of European Studies, except for some male actors who were more difficult to find. “Probably because women are more into drama”, suggests Dylla. As director she was nervous during the entire show, but afterwards looked back on an outstanding performance. The audience consisted mainly of students from her own faculty, but Dylla stresses that Lysistrata is accessible for everyone.
The play was written more than 2000 years ago, but is impressively modern and full of sexual insinuations. Lysistrata has a hard job supervising the randy women of both clans, who have locked themselves on the top of the Acropolis. Will the men ignore their pride and make peace in order to fulfil their sexual needs?
If you are interested in seeing Lysistrata, you have your last chance tonight at 8pm at ’t Magisch Theatertje, Molenweg 4. You can buy your tickets at the Concordantia Office or at Jules & You for €5.


Thijs Voets



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