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"I'm not planning to go back to Germany"

"I'm not planning to go back to Germany"

Photographer:Fotograaf: Loraine Bodewes Fotografie

She doesn’t know if she is elected. Not yet. Irenah Klink, a second-year European Law with a minor in Dutch law, was second on the list for the university council for NovUM. “Now we have four seats in the council. It’s not sure we will gain the same amount in this election. My personal goal is to get more transparency. I want that the student know what the council does and that the councils know what the students want. I want to be a kind of intermediary.”

Why have you chosen for a minor in Dutch Law?

“For the civil effect; that gives me the opportunity to be a lawyer in the Netherlands. I can transfer my degree to other countries and I’m really forced to learn Dutch. It’s easy to escape from the Dutch because everybody speaks English. But now there’s no way out. To learn Dutch, that’s what I have wanted from the start. It’s part of integration. When I don’t speak the language I feel more like a foreigner.” Her legal Dutch, she says, is better then her non legal Dutch. 

Why did you choose for Maastricht?

“I heard from Maastricht of a cousin of mine. She studied economics at UM. She liked it here a lot. I first thought about European Studies, but then I talked to students of European Law during the open day - they were very enthusiastically – and I knew it. I still know it. I’m very happy to have made the right choice, I’m really lucky to be here. I feel at home and I’m very happy with my friends, I enjoy our barbeques and parties.”

Do you feel integrated?

“In Maastricht? Yes, definitely. I have my life here, my friends, my hobbies. I do running, am a member of Stennis (the student tennis club, ed.) and I’m running for the university council for NovUM. I was already political active in Germany. I was for instance student representative for the Millenium Development Goals.”

Typical for Maastricht?


Do you mean vla or vlaai?

She laughs. “Both.”

So you know the difference?

“It’s a pudding and a pie. I like the Maastricht vlaai. Even better than for instance the Schwarzwalderkirschtorte.”

Favourite pub?

“Take Five. I like the music (jazz) and the atmosphere. Very relaxing. And I like the Dikke Dragonder. But that’s maybe only because a friend of mine works there behind the bar.”

Do you have a job?

“I work at the European Centre for Development Policy Management. I edit a newsletter and update the database. About eight to ten hours a week.”

Will you stay in the Netherlands after graduation?

“I’m not sure. I’m not planning to go back to Germany. I stay here or a go to another country.”


Riki Janssen



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