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Football at the UM

The match between Denmark and the Netherlands last Monday was watched in various places at Maastricht University. Some employees had to officially apply for leave.

In the university library, the cafeteria in the city centre and at the Faculty of Law, Holland’s first World Championship match could be followed in real time. The same applied to the Aula at Minderbroedersberg and the Visitors Centre.

But enthusiasm was not universal. The stands at the Bonnefantenstraat 2 were no way near filled and at Law too, there were only a handful of football fans. Staff of Maastricht University Office (MUO) 'op de Berg' were keener. Two weeks ago an e-mail was sent around with an invitation to take part in a football pool.

If the Netherlands make it to the eighth finals, then there will be another match on a Monday or Tuesday afternoon, so during office hours. There is no general policy at the UM, says André Postema, vice-chairman for the Executive Board. “Just like with staff trips, drinks, et cetera, the responsibility for viewing a special event lies with the person in charge of the unit.”

One supervisor is different to the other. Managers of Student Services and the university library, for example, expect those who want to watch to apply for official leave. This is only fair, because there are also colleagues who do not like football and continue to work, they say. A blind eye will be turned to the couple of hours that the MUO employees spent in the auditorium.




Wendy Degens



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