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In the third class of the Titanic

In the third class of the Titanic In the third class of the Titanic

Phoebe Ellis-Rees (19), a British Arts and Culture student who has seen 9 percent of the world


Travel Europe by train – that was the plan Phoebe Ellis-Rees and a friend had last May. “We took a gap year after high school. We worked for most of the time, but we wanted to do some traveling too.” They chose InterRail because it´s the cheapest way to travel. “But I also prefer it to flying. You have much more freedom: it’s easier to change your plans.”

Their three-week journey started in Prague and went from there on to Munich, Florence, Zagreb, Ljubljana and elsewhere. “We stayed three nights in every city: the perfect amount of time. That’s all you need to get the feel of a city.” Ellis-Rees liked the atmosphere in Prague the best. “In ten years’ time it could be like Berlin is now. There are beer gardens where people hang out and artists and musicians come to perform. It’s a nice, cool, friendly environment.”

They also had some scary moments. “We went on a ferry to Croatia. We had the cheapest seats – which were still €70 – in the basement of the ship under the parking deck. We were the only ones there; everybody else had a cabin. We felt like we were in the third class of the Titanic. If something happened, no-one would hear our screams.”

The girls also got yelled at in Slovenia. “We were on a really old train from Croatia to Slovenia. At one point we had to cross a mountain, but there was no tunnel. We had to get out of the train and into a bus. Forty male labourers and us, two teenage girls. We had no clue what was happening. People were screaming at us to get on the bus. We were just praying we’d arrive at our destination.” 

Ellis-Rees hopes to go back to one particular city; Ljubljana. “I’d been there before; it’s a really beautiful city. Hopefully I can go there for my third semester.”



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