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Hates: housing situation in Maastricht

Hates: housing situation in Maastricht

Photographer:Fotograaf: Loraine Bodewes Fotografie

Love it or hate it

Veronika Brantová (20), second-year at University College Maastricht, from the Czech Republic, new member of the university council, member of the board of Universalis.

Loves: Dutch people, culture and the city of Maastricht

“I have a lot of Dutch friends, thanks to them I really get to know Dutch culture. You just have to show a little interest in the country and the people are very happy to show you as much of their homeland as they can. They are proud of The Netherlands in a good way. I went to The Hague and Amsterdam for Queens Day in a group of 12 people. It was lovely. I visited a friend in Leiden and she showed me the oldest Dutch student association Minerva, told me about the famous Dutch navy. Dutch people give me a smile on my face. They are hospitable and friendly. Maastricht is a city where a feel at home. I like the architecture with the red bricks. They give you a feeling of safety.”


Hates: housing situation in Maastricht

Hate is too strong, she says. “But finding an appropriated room was one of the biggest problems I had to face when I arrived here. My first student room was dirty, far away from the city centre, small and expensive: €280 for 14m2. Landlords know the demand is very high, they ask high rents and when something is broke you can fix it yourself. The quality of many rooms is low. But now I’m living fine. When I don’t like something, I try to change it.”

“Another problem: the language barrier. You can’t integrate in Maastricht when not talking Dutch. It would be great if UM could offer every freshman a free Dutch language course. When more students speak Dutch, maybe more will stay after graduation.”


Riki Janssen

Love it or hate it is a new series in which students talk about things they love and hate. Veronika Brantová gives the baton to law student Erika Lindholm



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