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"I miss the sea"

"I miss the sea"

Photographer:Fotograaf: Loraine Bodewes Fotografie

Love it or hate it

Erika Lindholm (21, Åland, a Finnish island where Swedish is spoken), second-year student of European Law School, board member of UNSA Maastricht

Loves: Coffeelovers, playing floorball and the international atmosphere in Maastricht

“I love Coffeelovers. The coffee is gorgeous, and I think it’s great you get a piece of nougat for free. The prices in Holland are much cheaper than in Scandinavia. I can buy a bottle of wine in the Netherlands for the price of a glass in Finland. It’s also great that I can play floorball (a type of indoor hockey) in Maastricht. That’s a big sport in Scandinavia. As big as football.

“And of course I love the international atmosphere in Maastricht. I meet people of different backgrounds with different opinions. I can learn about Dutch culture. Yes, I’m trying to learn Dutch. No, I’m not doing a course. It’s too expensive. My friends from the sailing club Lagakari are ‘teaching’ me.”


Hates: the late announcement of the precise exam dates and the lack of a nearby sea

“If the faculty gave the exact times of the exams earlier – we now get them very late – I could have booked an earlier – and cheaper – flight to Stockholm. I hate it that my flights back home are so expensive. It takes 24 hours to get home: first I have to go to Charleroi, then fly to Stockholm, take a bus to the coast and then a boat to Åland.

“I miss the sea. I used to live close to the sea, was able to take a boot and go to an island for a picnic. When I see the sea I feel free; all stress disappears. Luckily enough I have the Maas. The river is helping me.”


Riki Janssen

‘Love it or hate it’ is a new series in which students talk about things they love and hate. Erika Lindholm gives the baton to law student Håkon Roer-Eide.



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