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Wall painting in the basement

Wall painting in the basement

Photographer:Fotograaf: Loraine Bodewes Fotografie

They had to get permission from the Faculty Board, but as of a couple of days ago the European Studies association Concordantia can be proud of its bicycle shed. It’s now the fanciest shed in the university; perhaps even in Maastricht.


On a light blue background, two artists – Thomas Gobbele and Katrien Haemers, who studied at the Maastricht Academy for the Arts – have created a huge black and white wall painting. The central theme: Europe. Between various European buildings like the Arc de Triomphe and the Leaning Tower of Pisa and statues like the Olympic Games discus thrower, we find the eye-catching woman Europe, abducted by Zeus in the form of a white bull.

The idea was put forward by the European Studies association Concordantia. “Last year we discussed it with the Faculty Board, then after summer it went very quickly”, says the chair Jessica Bucher. “The walls of the shed had to be painted all over again; it was necessary. And besides, the board of Concordantia spends a lot of time in the basement. In the corner we have our office and that’s almost a kind of living room for us; we spend so much time in there.”

A warning to anyone who’s never parked their bike in the faculty basement: next to the entrance of the Soiron building at the Grote Gracht, you’ll find an opening through which you can enter. If you pick the wrong shed – the one on the right – you’ll be unpleasantly surprised. It’s cheerless, with ugly tiles on the wall, and dark and smelly. The best choice, the one with the mural, is the shed to the left.

So, with one shed now done, is it time to jazz up the other one? Bucher: “We’re keen to, but the Faculty Board just wants to freshen up the paint.”

The faculty paid for the artistic metamorphosis: 5,000 euros (but that also includes painting the exterior of the bicycle shed, a plan for the near future).



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