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The lovely pub in Amsterdam

The lovely pub in Amsterdam

Photographer:Fotograaf: Loraine Bodewes Fotografie

Susanne Eijgenraam (23, raised in Rotterdam), has a bachelor’s in Biomedical Sciences from Amsterdam, now a first-year student of the research master’s Physician–Clinical Investigator at UM

Loves: Pubs and parties

Eijgenraam used to work in a pub in Amsterdam. “I just love the atmosphere. You’re constantly active but there’s also time to socialise with the regulars. And of course, I’d serve myself a beer now and then.” The best part of her job was the afterhours. Staff would come together and have a drink or two to finish off the evening. “Even if I wasn’t on the schedule, I’d go.” She laughs: “The drinking games that we’d play are legendary.”

In her free time, she enjoys going out with her friends. “Although clubbing in Amsterdam and Rotterdam is great, the atmosphere in a pub is hard to beat.” Instead of going on a pub crawl, she prefers to have a stamkroeg (that one pub that you always return to). In Maastricht, she hasn’t found one yet. “I also need a job, preferably in a pub again.”

Hates: No Red Bull light in the mensa, cobblestones and cold showers

“I’m addicted to Red Bull light.” It’s the flavour of the soda she likes so much, and the fact it contains tons of caffeine. Unfortunately, Red Bull light is not part of the range of products the mensa has on offer. “I get a headache if I don’t drink it. Slightly worrying, isn’t it?” But at least they do sell coffee.

She also has mixed feelings about the cobblestones in Maastricht’s streets. “I know they look beautiful and all that, but my bicycle is not a big fan. It’s almost falling apart because of riding on them.” And cold showers have recently gone up in Eijgenraam’s top ten things to hate. The boiler in her student house has a limited amount of hot water. If five people have to shower in the morning, the last will be the one to suffer. “That’s been me! It’s horrible. I’ve started taking showers at night to avoid it.”


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