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Money, money, money

Money, money, money

Photographer:Fotograaf: Loraine Bodewes Fotografie

Love it or hate it

Ali Gharaviri (27, Tehran, Iran), PhD candidate, Department of Physiology

Loves: Money, old-fashioned cars

Taking into account the fact that one has to work hard in life, Ali Gharaviri says: “The first thing I love in life is money!” So when asked what he would do with a million euros, his response comes as no surprise: “If I had a million euros I would buy a really really big house with a really old-fashioned car, like a silver Ford Shelby Mustang 1975GT. I’d love to have that car!” Then, joking mischievously: “... and the customised number plate would read NASTY.”

“I love the Persian legacy; 2000 years ago we had the Great Cyrus!” – the leader of the Persian empire – “and I'm very proud of my country”, he continues. “The human rights movements have always been in the interests of the people” – an apt comment, considering the present democratic movement in Iran.


Hates: Misperception of cultures, the European medical system

“The misjudgment of all religions is something that makes me angry”, he says, alluding to the notion that there can be a measure of fear associated with stereotypes. “For example, I don't like it that whenever you say you’re a Muslim or that you come from an Islamic country you could be labelled a terrorist. Beyond the borders of every religion we’re all human, so there’s no difference between us.”

Further: “I have some reservations about the European medical system. Even though the theoretical part involved in medicine is better here in Europe, it lacks something in the practical sense – whenever I get sick here I go back to Iran or call my doctor there to ask for advice instead.”


Elijah James



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