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Classes in New York

Samanta Wexselblatt, (24, Buenos Aires, Argentina), fourth-year bachelor’s student of Business Management and Administration, all the way from the University of Buenos Aires.

Loves: Singing and dancing

“I love to dance and sing, and of course I can do many kinds of dancing and singing. Theatre-jazz and jazz are my specialties! I also love to do tap and ballet. Dancing is the way I free myself and I lose myself in the expression,” she says, “and then nothing else matters.” She is a talented and versatile dancer, she explains: “Very often I go to New York City to take classes taught by an expert.”

Singing is her second passion – “I sing tango and blues, jazz, even pop!” – and she likes to showcase her talent: “I made a record at one of my previous schools. I did Strangers in the night by Frank Sinatra in Spanish.”


Hates: Storms, fast-paced cities and lower standards of national security

Because Argentina has such warm seasons her natural inclination is a dislike of the stormier elements. Explaining how the seasons can be so dramatically different in the north and south of the American continental divide, she explains, tucked up in a thick scarf: “I'm used to the cold because of going to New York, but I'm not used to it being so wet. I have to think about the condition of my hair, you know?” 

She prefers the safer streets of Europe: “Here, the cars stop for pedestrians and the streets seem to be better managed than in Argentina, where the cars speed by so fast.” She gives us an insight into why there is more a sense of security in Europe than in her home country: “In Europe, it’s noticeably more advanced. The security here is better than in Argentina. For example, things like salaries for police and metropolitan security are lower in Argentina, so the politics of a safer world is much harder.”


Elijah James



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