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The SBE brand

School of Business and Economics organises ‘sharing success week’

Forward thinking, inspiring and value exchange. These are the three core values that the School of Business and Economics (SBE) should use to characterise itself, said students, staff and alumni in a series of discussion sessions.

SBE wants to use branding to distinguish itself more clearly from its rivals in the fight for the students and researchers it wants to attract. The school should also increase its credibility – through greater recognition and higher rankings – and extend the loyalty of staff and present and former students.

Forward thinking, inspiring and value exchange may sound abstract but will also be referred to in performance interviews. “For example, department heads will encourage their researchers to publish on social media,” says Julienne Erckens, head of communication. “This could be in the form of blogs on the Researchgate website, a kind of LinkedIn for researchers. We will also provide courses for this purpose. This is an example of a progressive, inspiring attitude based on the exchange of knowledge.”

To create greater awareness of this new ‘brand’, SBE is organising a so-called ‘sharing success week’ next week. This will focus on successes achieved – “the recent high place in the Elsevier ranking and our students winning the international case competition in Singapore last week” – but even more the successes that may lie ahead. That is why master’s students will get free business cards, bachelor’s students will get two (empty) champagne glasses and members of staff will get an inscribed mug.

The new caterer Albron, who will be running the cafeteria from 1 November, will also be participating. Under the pretext of ‘sustainability’ the caterer will be giving away two free drinks per person to anyone who presents his mug in combination with a voucher. In addition, organic soup will be served all week.

On Monday evening, business woman Annemarie van Gaal will give a lecture about what it takes to become a successful entrepreneur. Van Gaal (1962), who grew up in Heerlen, left for the Soviet Union at the beginning of the nineties, set up her own publishing company and brought Russian titles of such magazines as Cosmopolitan and Marie Claire onto the market. After five years, she had seven hundred employees working for her and was publishing twenty titles. In her lecture, which is in English, she will speak of her experiences.


Maurice Timmermans



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