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Salary freeze does not apply to UM managers

University employees will not receive a 500-euros bonus this autumn, nor will there be a half-percent wage rise. The association of universities has turned down a draft proposal with the unions. Maastricht University was one of the institutes that felt that there was no room for compensations of any kind. The unions are preparing for action. André Postema, vice president of the Executive Board, regrets that. He believes that the unions and the university employers and students together should close the ranks against the government in The Hague. The reason is that the national budget for next year includes a salary freeze in education: “This has put us in an impossible position.”

It was also made known last week that the salaries of the entire Maastricht Executive Board are above the nationally agreed guidelines for public sector jobs. The standard is a minister's salary, and in particular the prime minister's. Postema says in defence that all executive board members' salaries were agreed before the guidelines became operative.


Wammes Bos



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