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“Go Dutch, save money”

The British government is planning on raising lecture fees considerably, to a level of nine thousand pounds, which is more than ten thousand euros. This is three times more than the present level. Will the Netherlands be a cheap alternative for the British?

Maastricht University has already advertised in British media and wants to become a member of the British university association. A spokesman has said that the new increase will mean that British students may look abroad more often: “Of course Maastricht University is then a good alternative, with our European and internationally oriented bachelor’s and master’s programmes in English. This is why we will continuously try to improve the information on and accessibility of our courses for British students.”

But internationalisation organisation Nuffic does not expect too much from it. “They can also go to Norway or Sweden, where they pay nothing,” says market researcher Renze Kolster. “Besides, the British do not like to go abroad. It is just gazing in a crystal ball. Another effect may be that fewer foreign students go to Great Britain and choose to come to the Netherlands instead.”

Last year, a mere 361 British students came to study in the Netherlands with the Erasmus exchange programme. That was 4.8 per cent of all British who went abroad with the framework of that programme.





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