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Bike repair

I am referring to page 5 of the newspaper from 28 October 2010 and the article concerning free bike repairs. The article has nothing to do with what actually happened on 2 November. I, personally, decided to go and let my broken bike light be repaired.

The men from Veilig Verkeer Nederland took a look at my bike light and told me that it will cost me 10 euro to be repaired. They elaborated further that the reparation of bike breaks also cost money. Before me, there were two guys and one girl who were sent away without their lights being repaired.

Well, you can imagine what my surprise was at the moment I understood that free bike lights repairs actually do NOT take place as explained in your newspaper article. It turned out that by reparation, it was meant that only the light bulbs of the bike lights will be repaired. In fact, it was my bike light that was broken and needed reparation, but not the light bulb. This was probably the situation in which all the other students, who were sent away, found themselves.

Keeping this in mind, it is interesting what exactly Veilig Verkeer Nederland did and how many students it actually helped that day. I suppose that the number will be very unsatisfactory and the result obvious: many students sent away without their broken bike lights being repaired for free.

I am really angry and unsatisfied of that whole situation because I expected that what was in the newspaper, was actually what should have happened. And I am sure that I am not the only one.

In that respect, I would like to urge you to double-check the news which you receive and also the actual conditions surrounding the news.


Stanislava Gaydazhieva, law student

Editors’ postscript

Observant relied on a press release from the Maastricht branch of the traffic safety organisation Veilig Verkeer Nederland (VVN). It is not common practice to double check press releases from such organisations. However, VVN Maastricht has since indicated that the text it released was incorrect: only broken light bulbs – not bike lights in general – were being fixed free of charge. Early this week, Observant passed on this information to Stanislava Gaydazhieva, who then wrote the new piece above.



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