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I love listening to the sounds of the birds

 I love listening to the sounds of the birds

Photographer:Fotograaf: Loraine Bodewes Fotografie

Katie Baldonieri (20), third-year history major and UCM exchange student from Oberlin College, United States

Loves: Outdoor naps and Bob Dylan

What to do in between classes? Not enough time to go back to your room but lacking the motivation to get some work done? Baldonieri has a solution: “Quickly laying down on the grass and closing my eyes is the best. I love listening to the sounds of the birds, the people walking by and the cars.” The bugs don’t bother her at all. What about bad weather? Baldonieri: “Well, usually the weather at Oberlin is bad. But that makes taking a nap on a sunny day even more satisfying”.
Bob Dylan is more than just her favourite artist. “I believe he’s the best writer of the 20th century. His lyrics are timeless; written in the sixties, but anyone today can relate to his songs. On top of that, he’s good looking in a funny, non-attractive way. I like that.” Her father is a big fan too; one of her parents’ dates was to a Bob Dylan concert. “I grew up with Dylan.”

Hates: Dog-eared books and dripping faucets

Baldonieri cannot stand dog-eared books. “My friend once returned a borrowed Harry Potter book to me. It was dog-eared and there were chocolate smudges all over the pages. I hate that.” She gets most upset about this when it comes to her own books, but also disapproves of people dog-earing their study books: “It’s so disrespectful. We should learn to value books more.”
Another frustration is dripping faucets. “It’s not only that the sound grates on the ears, but it’s also not environmentally friendly. I’m not an extremist, but it just seems like such a waste.” The worst is the international guesthouse she is staying at: “I always hear water dripping from the faucets in the bathroom and kitchen.” She can't figure out why it’s so hard to simply turn off the tap.



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