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Binding deportation advice postponed

For the time being, institutes of higher education do not need to report the study progress of their non-European students to the Immigration and Naturalisation Service (IND).

The Modern Migration Policy Act has been delayed by problems with the IND’s new computer system. It is unclear when the new law will become effective.
In September, the IND announced that as of 1 January 2011 it would revoke the residency permits of students who gained less than half of their credits without good reason. Institutes of higher education would need to inform the aliens registration office about the study progress of their non-European students. Maastricht rector Gerard Mols had already referred to the measure as being “rather harsh. This way, European and non-European students are not being treated equally. Although you can never expel a Dutch student from the country.” He’s asking himself what problems will be solved. “Are there actually problems? How many people are we talking about? If this is about tracking down no-show students (people who register as students, but never show up, ed.), then you could also set the limit at zero credits.”


Wendy Degens



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