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Barbie and Ken and the dreary Christmas traditions

Barbie and Ken and the dreary Christmas traditions

Photographer:Fotograaf: Loraine Bodewes Fotografie

Romy Heutz (21) from Heerlen, the Netherlands, is a third-year student of Arts and Culture.

Loves: Dancing, especially salsa and tango
Zumba, street dance and reggaeton. Romy Heutz has enjoyed dancing since the day she was born. “My new obsessions are salsa and tango. My partner Can and I practice two times a week in De Swing Inn in Heerlen. Since the other couples found out his name, they’ve started calling us ‘Barbie & Ken’.” Heutz chuckles: “Still sounds funny.” Does she prefer one style above the other? “That’s a hard question to answer. They’re both very different. Tango is like playing chess: full of systems and techniques. Sometimes it’s almost like mathematics. Salsa is freer and more impulsive. You just have to shake your body and let go. Everyone has their own style, and having fun is the most important thing.” That doesn’t mean it’s always easy. “We’re first years, so we have to work hard. But that means you only appreciate your achievements more.”

Hates: Dreary Christmas traditions
Unlike many others, Heutz hates the classic Christmas celebration. “For me, Christmas has always been an awful scoffing feast. Everyone tries to stuff as much food as possible into their bodies: what a waste! I also hate all those family obligations. Why do I have to talk with family members that I don’t even see the rest of the year?” And what about Christmas songs? “Those by Wham and Mariah Carrey are especially annoying! But I went to a choral Mass once, where some African people performed Little drummer boy on djembehs. I loved it!” This year, Heutz is going to escape the family Christmas dinner. “My dance partner and I are going to visit Vienna. I’m sure the Austrians will have lots of light decorations and Christmas bells as well, but at least I won’t be committed to all those dreary traditions.”


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