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People with an open mind and football offences

People with an open mind and football offences

Photographer:Fotograaf: Loraine Bodewes Fotografie

Thomas Hoekstra (22), a Dutch fourth-year Law student and chair of the Christian student association Lux ad Mosam

Loves: people who help each other, people with an open mind and God

“It makes me really happy when I see people helping other people. Even with small things, like opening a door or giving a helping hand to carry something. I don’t make it a rule for myself that I should help people. That way you make it about the rule instead of the person.

“I feel it’s important to approach others with an open mind. I always try to stop for a moment and ask myself: who really is the person standing in front of me? Why are they behaving in this way? It’s good to realise that we all have a life of our own, with our own problems and worries.”

He hesitates. “It’s such a cliché when a representative of a Christian organisation says this, but I love God. I didn’t want to say it at first, because that’s what people expect you to do, but it’s true.”


Hates: people who find themselves important, excuses for football offences and cuts that affect weaker members of society

“I hate it when people are focused on themselves and are unaware of other people around them. I find it particularly annoying when people start a conversation in the middle of a doorway. I get it, even do it myself sometimes – you meet someone and start to talk. But in the meantime nobody can get past.

“When a football player fouls someone, some people say it’s okay, because ‘football is emotion’. I find that such nonsense. It’s just wrong to foul someone; it has nothing to do with the sport. And then when a referee doesn’t see something, which can happen sometimes, they fall over it. 

“I think it’s wrong to economise in a way that affects the weaker members of society. For instance, people with a personal budget for health care. They can’t change or improve their situation so that they need less money. They need the care and the money to pay for it.”


Cleo Freriks



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