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Mayor closes Highlander

Mayor closes Highlander

Mayor Hoes closed The Highlander pub on Tuesday afternoon at 16:00hrs. The pub on the Hertogsingel is especially popular among foreign students. What in the Netherlands are called ´soft drugs´ were found on the premises. The apartment in the same building was also closed, after the police had found both hard and soft drugs. The Highlander will remain closed for six months.



2012-12-06: Vincent
The city of Maastricht closes all options to go out.
At the same time they complain about house parties.

This is irrational.

So is their bid to become the cultural capital of Europe in 2018. Youth culture is a culture too!

I am dissapointed.
2012-12-06: Claudia
Boooo, too harsh! Menneer Hoes you suck!
2012-12-13: Mike
This is typical of the growing right-wing intolerance in this town which will do its reputation no good whatsoever in attracting people with money in their pockets. Obviously closing the pub down scatters the 'problem' to unknown locations - people won't stop because that pub is closed and keeping the pub open would be more beneficial.

I also don't understand the need to say that some students are foreign. So what? Does the fact they are not Dutch make them even more evil?

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