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No free riders in tutorials

No free riders in tutorials

Photographer:Fotograaf: Loraine Bodewes Fotografie

Amiran Yaghout (21) originally from Teheran, Iraq, is a second-year student of International Business

Loves: People with a vision and active students
Spending your whole student life in the library? That’s not satisfying enough for Amiran Yaghout. “There are so many projects, organisations and societies to get involved with while studying at Maastricht University. In the past I joined the [left wing –Ed.] PvdA youth party and next year I’ll be a student adviser at my faculty.” Is being an active student the same as being a better student? “No, I just think they’re more interesting to talk to. I love meeting students who have strong opinions, who dare to criticise things.” He smiles: “If it’s necessary I’ll do the same. Obama is a famous example of a man who dares to oppose something. He follows his own path. That’s what I like.”

Hates: Free riders in tutorials and in daily life
“From the first year on it becomes clear; the PBL system only works with participation from the students themselves. So there’s no need to introduce the term ‘free rider’ to any student at Maastricht University. Every group has one of them. They just do nothing. They sit there and stare out the window or whatever. It’s frustrating. I really hate the mentality of people who have nothing to say.” And what about free riders in the ‘real’ world? “Ehm, I can give you one example. You have people who pay for their bus or train ticket. But free riders don’t – they just sit there. Again, they’re the ones not making any contribution to anything. That won’t work.”


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