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Awards for Kidzcollege and Corine de Ruiter

Awards for Kidzcollege and Corine de Ruiter

Photographer:Fotograaf: Loraine Bodewes Fotografie

UM Employee Prize 2010

Yesterday, during the university New Year’s reception, the UM Employee Prize 2010 was awarded to Corine de Ruiter, professor of forensic psychology, and to the Kidzcollege Maastricht team. De Ruiter's efforts for the two-year master's programme of forensic psychology and her many appearances in the media were decisive, says administrative spokesperson Jeanine Gregersen.
Kidzcollege Maastricht has been running for five years now. Maastricht scientists give lectures to children from the last groups in regional primary schools. Team leader Ingrid Wijk, currently director of the University Library, shares the prize with Denise Villerius, co-ordinator of master's admissions and Margot Krijnen, freelance editor. Gregersen: “It is a wonderful and simple initiative with a huge impact.”

At the same meeting, outgoing Executive President Jo Ritzen gave one of his last speeches at the UM. He warned of drastic reductions in government contributions to universities. Where the ratio between funding by ‘The Hague’ and other sources is presently 70-30, we should strive to turn that around by 2020, he feels. This means that much more money should be ‘earned’. Ritzen thinks that for the UM, with its reputation, this should be possible, adding that he always expressed his pride in this university “in my presentations at home and abroad and also in my recent book on European universities”. 



Wammes Bos, Wendy Degens



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