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The party must go on

Alison in Wonderland

Some things I am very good at. Plausibly avoiding my PhD supervisor for months on end. Spending as much time fiddling with bibliographical formatting as doing actual research. Pottering about with programming languages. This year I even learnt to ‘do statistics’ (read: locate people who are prepared to do my statistics with – for? – me). Spelling, baking pastries, jogging very very slowly for very long periods of time – all things I’ve no problem with. Living in Cambridge but doing fieldwork in the Netherlands, I can also do the Stansted–Schiphol Easyjet route in my sleep. Practice makes perfect. Unfortunately, it doesn’t help you remember your passport, as I discovered last night – even when there’s an important departmental gathering (read: party) to get home for.

Alison Edwards



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