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Nervous about the future

Nervous about the future

Back to Basics: University College Maastricht

Where will I end up after my bachelor's? Which master's programme to choose? These are questions that make many students from University College Maastricht (UCM) nervous, says policy adviser Gerard Korsten. “They feel uncertain, even though they know that our alumni do well for themselves, from the London School of Economics to Columbia University.”

To provide the students with something more solid, the UCM has developed a web tool that shows which master's programme is in line with which set of subjects. The tool bases itself partly on data from alumni; in a survey, they reported where they had ended up, but also what were the subjects that they missed, how they came through the selection procedure, what was useful to do, et cetera.

Co-ordinator Oscar van den Wijngaard emphasises that the tool does not provide a tailor-made solution but outlines a perspective. “Along the lines of Amazon recommendations: ‘Customers with similar searches purchased….’ Then students will have to ask themselves: is this what I want too, and why?” These questions will be dealt with in six workshops, spread across the duration of their studies. This way, students reach their final choice step by step.

The web tool is part of the UM-wide Back to Basics project that is to breathe new life into PBL.


Maurice Timmermans



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