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More contact between students and neighbourhood

More contact between students and neighbourhood

Two students will represent the inhabitants of the new guesthouse on the Professor Pieter Willemsstraat. “We will have a meeting with them in the new year, just to get to know each other,” says Edwin Bruijnzeels, contact person for the group of Wijckerpoort Central residents. The idea of representatives emerged after local residents had complained about noise.

“The students are not allowed to smoke inside, so they stand outside. When there are ten of them, the noise level naturally rises,” says Bruijnzeels. “There were people who complained about that. There were also a few students who shouted when they came home; of course there is absolutely no need for that. And the door of the bicycle shed bothered the man who lived in the building next door. That is iron on iron so it makes a noise. They are going to look into placing a piece of rubber on it. The university reacted very decently. We were able to arrange a meeting with Maurice Evers (Guesthouse director, ed.) immediately.”

Evers has pressed upon the students that they must adhere to the rules of the house. According to Bruijnzeels, things are going better now. “I haven’t heard anything since. Should there be any problems, there is a special complaints number that we can phone day or night.”   

A short tour of the area showed that there are plenty of residents who are not bothered by the students. “I don’t notice anything at all,” says one of the neighbours on the Pieter Willemsstraat. Bruijnzeels himself has no problems either. “My bedroom is at the back of the house.”



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