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Back to court in GeenStijl case

A new judgement has been handed down in the legal fight between a former Maastricht University law student and the Dutch website GeenStijl. This time, the judge sided with GeenStijl.

The fight is about a short film in which the student was interviewed while quite drunk in Amsterdam. GeenStijl is a website on which news and light-hearted subjects are discussed; they have a reputation for taking a direct, often rude and offensive tone.

GeenStijl posted the video in the summer of 2009 and the student took them to court in Amsterdam soon afterwards. The court ruled that GeenStijl should immediately remove the post and stop disseminating the film. If they failed to do so, the student would be able to claim compensation up to a maximum of €150,000. Last December she claimed the money, alleging that the video stills are still on the internet. GeenStijl rejected this claim and went to court, saying that they had removed the video a long time ago.

Last Thursday the judge agreed with GeenStijl. The stills and photos to which the student was referring cannot be found directly on the internet, the judge said, but only by searching on a specific level or for a specific subject.


Wendy Degens



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