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"Cats have such personalities"

"Cats have such personalities"

Photographer:Fotograaf: Loraine Bodewes Fotografie

Asiyah Arif (21), bachelor’s student in Law, from Singapore

Loves: cats and football

It’s the ultimate pet rivalry – cat or dog? – but Asiyah Arif is firmly on the feline side. “I love cats; they have such personalities, whereas dogs are a bit blah”, she says. Arif rescued her cat, now two years old, as a kitten, but concedes: “Every cat lover knows you don’t own your cat, they own you. Cats just don’t feel the need to compromise on who they are.” Another favourite is football – “not American football, but the European kind you actually play with your feet. I’m just not a contact sport kind of person. I can’t play it [football] to save my life, but I love watching it, and it’s twice as fun because you get to check out the guys playing as well.”

Hates: bigotry, tomatoes

A Muslim of Indian origin who comes from Singapore, Arif has reason to hate bigotry. “It’s the little things, like people who don’t bother to understand why you do certain cultural or religious things and then just say your customs are stupid,” she says. “Back home it’s not that bad, but when I travel it hits me a bit.” Arif is also most deterred by the humble tomato. “I hate them with a passion”, she declares. “When I was 10 my Dad tried to force me to eat a cherry tomato and I cried until he said ‘Ok, you don’t have to’. In fact I’m generally averse to all fruits which are squishy, although apples are ok.”


Lauren Novak



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