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Carnival and Kensington

This weekend will mark the start of Carnival, a festival to celebrate the start of the fasting before Easter. For three days, the whole town will go crazy with people dressing up as anything they want. You could go as Bambi or even Yogi Bear – it’s up to you. All sorts of activities take place during Carnival. Here, we highlight two for you: On Sunday 6 March at precisely 12.11, Carnival kicks off with the hoisting of the Mooswief (‘wife of the Maas’, the godmother of Carnival in Maastricht) at the Vrijthof. There will be plenty of the typical Carnival music and, for those who are less interested in music, lots of beer. On 7 March, after you’ve recovered from the night before, you can check out the family parade that will be making its way through Wijck and the city centre. It will start at 14.11.

If you’ve had enough of all the Carnival music, why not go to Kensington’s gig on 11 March. Though they are from Utrecht, their music is reminiscent of some UK bands, like The Cooks or The Kaiser Chiefs. After hearing their single, MTV even included them in their playlist. Tickets will cost €8.50 in the pre-sale, and the show will start at 20.00 at the Muziekgieterij. Two lucky visitors will also get the chance to win an intimate backstage concert. For more info, visit


Max van Berlo



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