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"Discrimination makes me mad"

"Discrimination makes me mad"

Photographer:Fotograaf: Loraine Bodewes Fotografie

Mervie Likouete, (20, born in Congo) a second-year student of European Studies from Belgium

Loves: playing music, reading

“Sharing music is something wonderful. I have played the piano for about 12 years and the guitar for about 4 years. Recently there was an article about two girls singing in the Make Bar. That was me! When people are dancing and singing along, it’s great. When they don’t? Oh, I stop playing. No, just kidding. But it disappoints me. I’ve been invited to do more events. So I am serious about it – but I don’t know if there’s any future in it.

“I’m trying to get the perfect recipes for pancakes and waffles. After some years of trying, I finally found one for pancakes. Every week I’ve got a new experiment going on in the kitchen. My roommates like it as well!

“I used to read a lot more, but I still like it. Ensemble c’est tout is one of my favorite books by Anna Gavalda. She is a famous Belgian-French writer. The story is simple, strong and I have to admit it even made me cry a little.”

Hates: junkies stealing bikes

“Discrimination makes me mad. I only speak a few words of Dutch. So in the Netherlands I simply don’t understand it when people for example shout something on the street. But at home in Belgium it’s different.

“I also can’t stand junkies stealing bikes. Two bikes have been stolen from me. They were new. What, just steal it back? Oh no, I wouldn’t do that. Just don’t steal – how difficult is that?

“Yesterday some junkies in the train were shouting at each other and having loud conversations. So you have to listen to every single thing they’re saying. And they’ve always got their mobile phones turned up really loud. Take the train to Liège and you’ll see for yourself.”


Jolien Pil



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