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The 2001 Toyota Camry

The 2001 Toyota Camry

Photographer:Fotograaf: Loraine Bodewes Fotografie

Love it or hate it

Justin Lane, 21, from Baltimore, US, studying a Bachelor of Arts (double major in history and political science)

Loves: spicy food, his car

Like most blokes, Justin Lane has a soft spot for his car – even if it’s not exactly a Rolls Royce. “I love driving it”, he says of the 2001 Toyota Camry. “It’s a hand-me-down from my dad and the rear-view mirror falls off it but I love that thing.” Lane also falls into the category of men whose hearts are won through their stomach. “I love spicy food, Cajun cuisine, Mexican, Indian, really spicy stuff”, he says. A particular favourite is the Italian specialty spaghetti alla puttanesca, a salty pasta dish with seafood, capers, chilli, olives and anchovies – one ingredient which arguably as many people hate as love. “There’s an Italian restaurant near my house back home that makes it really well. It’s an interesting dish.”


Hates: waiting, ‘fake’-tasting food

Although he’s American, Lane admits there are some products from the US of A that even he can’t stomach. “I can’t stand American cheese, it tastes like plastic”, he says of the distinctively orange dairy product. “I would only consider eating it if I was starving and it was the most edible thing in the room.” He also doesn’t like tootsie rolls, a chocolate-flavoured “very chewy” confectionery. “I’m not sure exactly what it is about them … these are things that just taste like they shouldn’t be food!” Lane admits he’s somewhat impatient too. “I don’t like waiting for things; I have to be moving.” He particularly hates waiting for public transport. “I could get better at that”, he concedes.


Lauren Novak



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