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Exploring Europe in weekend trips

Exploring Europe in weekend trips Exploring Europe in weekend trips

Martin Frost (30), an Australian postdoc at cognitive neuroscience who has visited 11 per cent of the world

In 2004, Martin Frost came from Sydney to Maastricht to start a PhD. “I had never been here before. Actually I hadn’t travelled that much at all.” Something he has made up for since living in Europe. “I’ve been to Denmark, Sweden, Italy, Germany, France, Ireland and I’ve visited conferences in the United States, Canada and Beijing. That’s a really great part of the job.”

One of his best trips was to Denmark. “We went by car so we had the freedom of going anywhere we liked. We usually fly to a city and don’t see much else. Now we had two weeks to explore the country.” Frost spends most of his holidays in Australia or Switzerland, where his wife is from. “We just got married in Australia. We travelled along the West coast for our honeymoon.” That means other travelling is limited to weekend trips. “But in Denmark, we saw a lot. Copenhagen is an ideal city for me. It’s surrounded by the sea – water is very important to me, coming from Sydney, it’s why Zeeland is my favourite part of the Netherlands – and has beautiful architecture. I lacked that in my childhood, there are no really old buildings in Australia. The Danes are friendly and the landscape is great. It reminded me of Holland but with more hills.”

The only bad experience he ever had was in Beijing. “It wasn’t that bad, but as a tourist people approach you differently. They trick you into entering their store and then get annoyed if you don’t want to buy anything.” Even so, Frost would like to see more of Asia. “I’ve been to Singapore Airport fifteen times, but I’ve never actually seen Singapore. I know a lot of people who take a break in the over 20 hours flight to Australia by spending a few days at their stopover, but for me that’s a day longer away from my family and friends.”



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