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“We want people to interpret the story for themselves”

“We want people to interpret the story for themselves”

Alles is Drama plays KAS

A Thursday night. Four girls are running around a rehearsal space, going through a bag of clothes. “Only the skirts, right?” “No, put everything on.” Meanwhile, their director is busying himself with décor pieces and discussing the use of a smoke machine with the photographer.

The girls are actors in KAS, the newest production of student drama club Alles is Drama. This ‘illustrative performance’ was created by the actors and director, Marijn Alexander de Jong. It was a long process, and random at times, as Annika Füser explains: “We started with associations. Do we want it to be about violence? No. About love? And so on.” Although De Jong’s working title had been No Nuns, the topic of religion was more or less discarded.

Once all actors had written scraps of stories (including a Genesis), Alina Goldbach put the script together. “We felt productive. Well, sometimes not, but finally we ended up where the play is now. It wasn’t a top-down approach like in other productions.”

Even though the project started in February, “we’ve only really been showing it for the past two weeks”, says De Jong. But the group has given several performances during the project, like the trailer that was posted on YouTube. “It was important to do something at some point. The aesthetics of the trailer helped us move forward with the piece.” The atmosphere did not change much after that, though the costumes used in the trailer are not the ones used in the play. Nor are the clothes they are wearing in the picture, by the way.

Much of the content of the performance is deliberately vague. The girls play plants/women, kept by a Gardener, played by Etienne Lalanne (who is not at our interview). There is still some uncertainty about this character: does he die or not? “We know what happens to him, but not exactly how”, says Füser. “We want people to interpret the story for themselves. We know what it is about, but…” Pilar Andrea Quiroz adds: “That’s the cool thing about this performance. The audience only sees the tip of the iceberg; the rest is up to them.” One tip: “Say it’s about global warming and we won’t complain!”


Lisa Dupuy

KAS: 12, 13 and 14 May, assemble in front of the Löss Theater at 20.45. Tickets are €3.50 for members/€5 for students/€7 for non-students; reservations via



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