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No more Make Bar in d’n Hiemel

The Make Bar is closing down after two years. On 19 May the student café, located in d’n Hiemel at the Sint Bernardusstraat, will organise its final party.

German International Business students Daniel Maciejewski and Alexander Eichner set up the bar in the summer of 2009. But now that the pair are busy finishing their studies, they lack time for the bar. Also, their contract with the owner of d’n Hiemel is coming to an end anyway. The Make Bar is open three days a week; the students rent the location.

Why don’t you continue the initiative? “We’re in a difficult position, we don’t own the place. There are two bars – Make and d’n Hiemel – with two different ideas. D’n Hiemel is quite old-fashioned and the Make Bar isn’t.” Make Bar’s unique concept is that students are not just passive visitors, but active participants. People who have crazy ideas but are afraid or can’t find a way to realise them can turn to the Make Bar. In the past, it has hosted open stage sessions, clothes exchange parties and make-it-jamming nights.

The biggest dream of the Make Bar’s founders: owning the location entirely. “But that wasn’t possible”, says Maciejewski. The students are looking for a new location, but in the meantime they at least want to keep the “vibe of Make Bar alive”. They are now thinking about how to manage that.

Maciejewski rejects rumours that the bar is shutting down due to complaints about noise from the neighbours. “That’s the sad thing. We’re actually on good terms now.”



Wendy Degens



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