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"Dachshunds are the coolest animals"

"Dachshunds are the coolest animals"

Photographer:Fotograaf: Loraine Bodewes Fotografie

Laurens de Beukelaar (22), a third-year Marketing student from Belgium

Loves: dachshunds and partying

“I’m really fond of dachshunds, they’re the coolest, most wicked animals”, says De Beukelaar about the dog often nicknamed hot dog, wiener dog or, in Dutch, teckel. “I don’t know exactly why, they’re just so little and stupid.” Unlike the dog De Beukelaar once owned himself: “I never had a dachshund, but I did have a border collie. That was the smartest dog in the world.”

Something else he loves is partying. “I like that”, he smiles, still tired from the previous evening. As a Circumflex member he is looking forward to the lustrum activities that the student association has planned. “Two weeks of ongoing partying.”


Hates: cafeteria prices and early mornings

“Everybody’s tired of me saying this, but I think the prices in the university cafeteria are way too high. And on top of that they give you disgusting food.” Why go there then? “I don’t, at least as little as possible, maybe twice a year when I really don’t want to cook. But I ask around sometimes if they’ve improved and the answer is always no.”

It’s a logical answer for a self-proclaimed party animal; De Beukelaar hates getting up early. Although it soon should become easier: “After the lustrum I’m going to try to slow down on the partying. I’ve just been on an exchange to Strasbourg, so now it’s time to get more serious.”


Cleo Freriks



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