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In Memoriam Sofia Tussis

Our friend and colleague Sofia Tussis passed away last week. She was a third year student at University College Maastricht and a shining light in Maastricht’s student community. Her dedication to write about and engage in the things that mattered to her was an inspiration to all of us who knew and came to love her as the joyful and creative person she was. The Sofia we knew had an easy speech and a great talent for writing; mellow and passionate sentences, critical and rigorous.
Maas-Media, the Maastricht Bridge of Solidarity and lastly the WE Festival were some of the projects that would not have been as they are without her. Yet, it is the happiness, the love and the optimism that Sofia spread through her colourful presence, which really defined her for us. She had the ability to light up the whole room with her smile. One of those rare and beautiful smiles that produced an outburst of joy for the ones she was laughing with. As a friend said, it was the same crazy forces that took her away from us that let us meet in the first place. And maybe for that we should be thankful. Thankful that we got to know her and that we had the privilege of sharing in her wonderful company. She was so well loved here and made such a positive impact on many of our lives.
Somehow she is still with us. She is here through our memories and the many experiences we had with her over the last years.
Her sudden loss struck us all in disbelieving surprise and while we commemorate her, our thoughts are with her family and those mourning for her.

The funeral will be in Milan, Italy. A memorial service will be held at University College Maastricht in June. The exact date will be announced to the UCM community shortly.


Friends and colleagues of Sofia



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