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Faculty Fight: 'rafting' on the river Maas

Faculty Fight: 'rafting' on the river Maas

Photographer:Fotograaf: Loraine Bodewes Fotografie

“One, two,” they shout fanatically from the Faculty of Humanities and Sciences’ boat. “Go, go,” sounds the Psychology and Neuroscience’s boat, which clearly has more trouble moving tightly around the three markers on the river Maas.

Forty teams (285 students) from six faculties competed against each other during the 2011 Faculty Fight, yesterday. This event, organised by UM Sport, Sportraad MUSST and study and student sports associations within the framework of the UM’s 35th anniversary, requires a combination of physical strength, stamina, creativity, wit and strategic skills.

The various teams (each faculty was represented by more than one team) competed against each other in Randwijck in the morning, while from 13.00 hrs the programme consisted of ‘rafting’ on the river Maas. In the afternoon, the battlefield was moved to the inner city faculties where the teams had to solve a murder at the Faculty of Law and found themselves on the stock market at Economics. The scores from the various teams from one faculty were added up. The winning faculty, as well as the best team, were only made known after Observant had gone to press.





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