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“Switzerland is picture perfect”

“Switzerland is picture perfect” “Switzerland is picture perfect”

Michael Kaisers (27), from Germany, who just finished his PhD at the Department of Knowledge Engineering, has seen 11 percent of the world


If you need travel tips for New York, Michael Kaisers is your guy. He lived there for a few months while doing his master’s and returned during his PhD to live in New Jersey. “I was actually closer to Manhattan when I lived in New Jersey than when I lived in New York itself. My house was in the heart of Brooklyn and it took me 1.5 hours in the daytime and sometimes over 2 hours when the subway was on nighttime schedule to get to the city centre.” Since New York is so big, he rarely left it while he was there. “Only for a trip to Canada. New York takes forever to explore. The museums, the parks, the shopping area.” But the best memories he has are of the people he met. “Mainly Eastern Europeans. Nobody in New York is really from New York. We celebrated a traditional Thanksgiving together, with a big turkey. We still keep in touch; I visit them when I’m in the neighbourhood for a conference.”

Kaisers likes travelling for his work “but you have to keep it fun, otherwise it can be quite a burden. When I went to Australia in 2008 I could travel for a few weeks but if you don’t have that chance you don’t get much out of your 24-hour flight.” Kaisers travelled along the East Coast and went to New Zealand. “In Australia we saw the beaches and did some diving. We celebrated Christmas in the sun. In New Zealand you can do a lot of extreme sports. I did skydiving and bungee jumping.”

Recently Kaisers has mainly made trips to nearby countries. “In 2011 I visited so many countries that I wanted to slow down a bit. When I speak to people from other continents who live here, I’m amazed by all the things they’ve seen. There are some beautiful spots in your own backyard.” Switzerland impressed him the most. “It’s a picture perfect country. The scenery is amazing. They have really nice lakes with the clearest water I have ever seen. We camped and took an inflatable boat out on the lake. I’m planning to go back soon.”



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