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Record participants Inkom 2011

Record participants Inkom 2011

Photographer:Fotograaf: Loraine Bodewes Fotografie

Inkom 2011 had more participants than ever: 2,250. Moreover, the weather gods were favourably disposed towards the students. With the exception of the film on Friday evening, all open-air events could take place as planned. Observant took a look, among others at the Culture Valley in the City Park on Thursday evening.

“Where is the bar, actually?” When a seasoned pub-crawler only asks that question after an hour, you can say that Culture Valley – the new Inkom cultural festival on – has been a success. Students turned up in great numbers and spread across the City Park, lit by little lanterns. A few are sitting on beanbags; they are watching the award-winning animated film Father and Daughter. Others are treated to a performance in a caravan by Toneelgroep Maastricht (Drama Group Maastricht). In one of the corners, a stand-up comedian simulates a gun with his fingers pointing them at his colleague. “I’m gonna… I’m gonna….” “You’re going to do what? Point at me?” The dancer receives a lot of attention; he puts on an experimental show from a kind of korfball basket in which - among other things - he engages in a sea battle.

As the evening progresses, more people gather in front of the main stage where – after A Nameless Band Called Funk had put on a small spontaneous party around a hoop – Kensington closes the evening.







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