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Snowball game

Snowball game

Photographer:Fotograaf: Loraine Bodewes Fotografie

Inkom 2011

Inkom Sports Day

It is the kind of sports day where sports are irrelevant. On Wednesday afternoon, on the vast area of the Geusselt stadium, most students are leaning on a Stehtisch (standing table) or lying on the grass with a Coca-Cola. “Everything is going well here,” says a female employee of the Central Post, the very moment when an adviser from Tragos is running towards her with a look of desperation on her face. “Someone in my group has epilepsy and wants to go home immediately. What should I do?”

Apart from these types of unavoidable little incidents, everyone seems to be enjoying themselves. Whoever is not lying on the grass, is collecting information from the stands, where student sports associations present themselves to newcomers. Or they are following the snowball game between debating societies Silenus and Epicurus, who are pelting each other with snowballs. Or they are participating in a, frequently announced, flash mob event (a kind of aerobics to music, with three dancers on stage showing them what to do). “And now hands in the air, and shake a leg.” That kind of thing.

Anyone finding themselves in an overconfident mood later on in the day, could have themselves dropped a dozen meters or so from a crane, but scad diving, as it is called, is by definition for the brave few.


Maurice Timmermans



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