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'Learning Dutch is crucial'

In last week’s Observant, local students advise new international students to learn Dutch. Learning the Dutch language will help these new students to better integrate into their new Maastricht study and living environment. It is said that students learn very well from each other.

The university also puts great value on both formal and informal integration of its international students. It encourages and allows UM students and staff to learn Dutch. One of the ways the university does this by funding the B@sic Dutch course. This PBL-based language course helps students become socially adept in Dutch in only a short period of time. After this course, the student can decide to continue with a course at a higher level.

The university also provides training in PBL & Academic Skills for international students who are not familiar with teamwork.

And last but not least, every summer Maastricht University organises a course for approximately 150 German prospective students, which prepares them for the NT2 exam within six weeks. Although six weeks may seem like a very short period of time to achieve that level (B2), this year as much as 87% of the course participants passed all four of the State Exam components. These students will begin their Dutch-language programme at UM in September.

Very soon new Dutch courses will start and students can register for these at the UM Language Centre ( The students will not only learn Dutch, but will also get acquainted with the Dutch culture and other international students. A true international classroom!


Ingrid Wijk, Director of Maastricht University Library and Language Centre



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