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The vibe of a big city

Dominika Partyga, 19, born in Bergen, Norway and raised in Warsaw, Poland, second-year student at the University College Maastricht

Artistic atmosphere

“On a basic level I miss my three younger sisters the most. All of them still go to school; the youngest is currently in the second year of primary school. They created a lot of joy, fun and inspiration in my life. I was raised in an artistic and intellectual atmosphere. As my mum is a professor of theatre, we used to have a very vibrant home with a lot of ‘cultural’ action. We’ve all done ceramics, and each one of us has an artistic passion: jazz dance, acting and painting.

Related to that, I miss the theatre, the vibe of a big city like Warsaw, creativity, artistic discussion and the possibility to engage in cultural things. Of course Maastricht and the Euregion have a lot to offer, but it’s not as cultural as Warsaw or other capitals. Sometimes I go to the theatre in Liège or to the opera in Aachen, so yes, I try to engage, but it’s not that easy as in my hometown.”


Ceramic lamp

“My sisters gave me a self-made ceramic lamp and a mirror last Christmas. They match perfectly with my room and remind me of the artistic atmosphere of my parents’ home and our shared passion for ceramics. The colours of the lamp are very interesting: a mix of green, brown and blue.”



Wendy Degens

Sweet Home Alabama is a new series in which international students talk about people they miss and the things they’ve brought with them




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